In order to streamline our CME process, TOMA has teamed up with Express Evaluations. You will be able to complete all conference evaluations, calculate your credit hours and download your CME certificate! Just follow the easy steps below!
      1. Log into The Evaluation Website: In the email you received from Express Evaluations use the website link, username and password that
          they provided to you.

      2. Complete Pre-Test Questions: Once you’ve logged in, you will be able to access the evaluation system and the pre-test questions.
          Sessions will be available for evaluation on a day/time basis. Be sure to take the pre-test questions prior to the beginning of the
          session because they will expire once the session begins.

      3. Complete Session Evaluation: after the session has ended, you will complete the session evaluation. You cannot evaluation
           a session before it has started.

      4. Complete the Post-Test Questions: You will be automatically directed to complete a brief post- test.

      5. Complete the Overall Conference Evaluation: On the last day of conference the overall conference evaluation will be enabled.

      6. Access Your CME Certificate: After you complete the overall conference evaluation you can access your CME certificate.
          You may download the certificate, in PDF format. The certificate will show a session transcript and your total credits.

         If you do not want to download your certificate on the same computer you are using to evaluation sessions you will have the option to
         forward your certificate as an attachment to any email address that you designate.

Certificates of Attendance: Crediting is automatically calculated based on the value of each session evaluated (claimed). If you are not seeking credit, but still need a certificate of attendance, the certificate of attendance can be selected. At this point you cannot change any of your crediting information. You can return to the site for a period of up to 11 months to download your certificate at any time.

Outcome Measure Survey: You will be emailed the link to complete this survey 30 days post conference. You can earn 2 1A credits by completing the outcome measure survey.

     1. You do NOT have to complete the online CME while at conference. You can complete your CME each evening (recommended) or the
         week after from the comfort of your home. You will be able to access the CME website for 60 days post conference. After 60 days
         the site will be locked so the data can be submitted to the AOA.

     2. The Pre Test questions are only available until the session begins then they close.

     3. Your Pre and Post Test Scores DO NOT affect your CME credits.

If you have questions please email Director of Meetings and Education, Lisa Gallo at



This is the 3rd Year of the CME Cycle!